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Seven Ways to Reduce Acne Scarring | Beauty in Hicksville

Seven Ways to Reduce Acne Scarring

For any individual who’s at any point experienced acne, the marks and scarring can stay long after your skin has recouped from outbreaks. In spite of the fact that acne scars, which are normally little, red and frequently imprinted, normally get less perceptible after some time, there are various medicines you can use to accelerate the procedure, from costly salon-based treatments to at-home balms. Here is the means by which to get ride of acne scars successfully.



For those with reasonable skin, microdermabrasion – which includes peeling the skin utilizing minor precious stones – can be a compelling method to decrease acne scarring. For a delicate at-home form of the treatment attempt Hydra-facial – a three phase extraction facial which additionally attempts to light up and wash down contaminated skin. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have darker skin, be watchful – microdermabrasion may prompt further scarring or staining.


Specialist serums

Picking a serum that is equipped towards repairing harmed skin. Try Priori DNA fx221 Recovery Serum, which cases to “go about as our skin’s DNA compounds would, removing and repairing harm” and restore your skin to “perfect production line settings”. Another to attempt is Clarins Mission Perfection Serum, which guarantees to target dull spots and level out skin tone.


Laser treatment

If you can afford it, laser treatment is a pricey yet compelling method for repairing harmed skin. The Pixel CO2 laser cases to be negligibly intrusive. It makes little minute spaces in the skin, which at that point invigorate new collagen creation. Opt for laser medications in the wake of counseling with a pro, as the outcomes will rely on your skin condition.



A standout among other known at-home solutions for scarring is Bio-Oil. This ponder balm is produced using a mix of plant extricates and is intended to diminish the presence of light scars, for example, extend marks and acne scars. Be cautioned in case despite everything you’re experiencing acne however – in light of its sleek consistency, Bio-Oil is best left to treat scars as it were.


Regular exfoliation

Be sure to exfoliate regularly – even though it won’t get rid of scars completely, it will improve the texture and appearance of the skin’s surface and encourage new cell growth.


Skin peels

Amid a substance peel, concentrated synthetic substances are connected to the surface of the skin to evacuate scar cells and let new ones develop. The best sort for treating acne stars is a phenol peel, which infiltrates profound into the layers of skin past the epidermis. On account of its strength, phenol peels must be done by experts as it were.


Treat from underneath

As well as treatments which deal with the top of the scar, leading cosmetic surgeon and CMO of Dr MediSpa, Dr. Munir Somji says you should also look at procedures that treat the scar from underneath too, such as subcision or radio-frequency micro-needling. Subcision uses special hypodermic needles to break scars away from the tissue underneath. Radio-frequency micro-needling uses radio-frequency technology to plump up damaged skin.

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