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Importance of Skin Tightening | Laser Hair Removal in Hicksville NY

As we age, skin loses its elasticity, which can cause a saggy, wrinkled appearance. There are a few reasons why skin becomes looser as we age. Firstly, there’s a loss of elastin in the skin, which makes skin more fragile, and collagen production slows down, so we have less facial fat. That means the skin loses its plump, youthful look over time, which can make skin look tired and old. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to tighten the skin, with most people most concerned about the skin on their face, although skin tightening can be carried out on many different areas of the body.



Laser skin tightening

While there are many creams that claim to tighten and firm the skin, laser skin tightening has shown to be more effective, with skin looking plumper and revitalized in just a few treatments.



Laser skin tightening effectively uses the body’s own processes to tighten the skin. The laser makes tiny, painless micro-perforations, making the body’s repairs kick-in. The effects of this are:



  • Elastin and collagen are produced – plumping up the skin
  • Circulation is improved in the lasered area, making you look refreshed
  • Pores become less visible
  • Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced
  • Results can be seen almost instantly, although it usually takes three or four sessions to get the full effect,


Advantages of Laser over other options



One of the main advantages of laser skin tightening is that there’s hardly any downtime. If you’re considering a procedure such as a facelift, it can take a couple of weeks to get back to your normal routine, whereas laser skin tightening can fit around your busy lifestyle.



Pain and discomfort is also a factor to consider for many people. Surgical options can be painful and mean you have to take painkillers after the surgery. However, laser skin tightening causes only minor discomfort, and a cooling breeze is applied to the skin in-between the laser to soothe the area.



It can also produce quicker, more visible results than many of the expensive skin creams on the market, and can work out cheaper in the long run, as you aren’t investing in expensive skin care regimes that need to be followed daily.



Am I able to have skin tightening treatments?


Skin tightening can be effective on a wide range of skin colors and types, and it’s ideal for people between the ages of 30 and 60, with both men and women able to take advantage of its benefits. However, it’s important to see a professional for an assessment first, as those with extremely loose skin might also need to combine surgery with laser treatments for the best effect. If you are considering laser skin tightening, it’s important to get advice from a qualified, experienced professional to ensure you’re suited to the treatment, and that it’s carried out properly. Laser skin tightening is safe for most people who are in good health, as long as it’s done by someone qualified.



If you’d like to find out more about laser skin tightening please schedule an appointment with us.

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