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Relaxing Bubble Bath Ideas at Home. | Laser Hair Removal in Hicksville 11801

Having long days at work? Is stretch load making you insane? Has your skin lost all its dampness and hydration? Need to spoil yourself on a Sunday at home? We have one answer for every one of these issues and that is… a hot air pocket shower! Truly, something as straightforward as an air pocket shower obliges every one of your issues. As a youngster, I for one used to get exceptionally interested by a phenomenal fluid that my mom used to add to my bath that would produce liberal measures of froth and I could invest hours in my tub playing with it. (laser hair removal in Hicksville 11801) We are certain the greater part of you have recollections of air pocket showers from you youth. Air pocket shower fluids are surfactants (that break interface amongst water and oil/soil) which are otherwise called carbonated showers that create froth.

Are Bubble Baths Beneficial for Us?


Absolutely! Most people are not aware of the fact that a bubble bath comes with its benefits and is not merely a foam generating compound. Here are some unknown benefits of bubble bath that will make you jump in one right away –

1. Boosts Your Immune System

Hot water bath generates steam and the high temperature can kill a lot of bacteria that can cause cold and cough. So it is a natural method instead of relying on chemical tablets.

2. Induces Relaxation

Have you heard of aromatherapy? So the aroma that is induced in the bath (if your bubble bath is not scented add any essential oil like lavender, rose etc) creates a relaxing sensation in your body, which heals your body, mind and soul. It allows you to clear your headspace and reduces tension.

3. Treats Muscle Pain

A hot bubble bath helps to treat cramps, joint and even back problems, which eases out the pain facilitates complete relaxation, rejuvenating your body thoroughly.(laser hair removal in Hicksville 11801)

4. Removes Toxins Naturally

Hot bubble bath can make you perspire that helps to release toxins out of your body, cleansing your system and detoxifying it completely.

5. Facilitates Skin Care

A bubble bath can make your skin healthy and hydrated. It can make your skin soft by inducing moisture, which makes exfoliation very easy, so one can simply use a loofah and a foot scrub and remove all the dead skin which will leave your skin feeling healthy and will make it look bright and have a natural glow.

How Can You Make Bubble Bath at Home?

Here are two recipes to make a bubble bath liquid at home:(laser hair removal in Hicksville 11801)

1. Vanilla Stock Bubble Bath


Vanilla bean ( use vanilla essence if you don’t have a vanilla bean)
Castile soap ( to give that foam)
Vegetable glycerin ( to induce moisture in skin)

Method: Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and store in an air tight bottle and use as and when needed.

2. Rose Bubble Bath


Rose essential oil (3-4 drops)
Castile soap ( to give that foam)
Vegetable glycerin ( to induce moisture in skin)

Method: Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, you can use any other essential oil if you want like lavender, tee tree and so on then store the mixture in an air tight bottle.

Go pamper yourself with your very own home-made bubble bath liquid! Turn on some good music, grab a magazine and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

(laser hair removal in Hicksville 11801)

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