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How Pollogen’s OxyGeneo Facial Treatment Improves the Skin | Skin Treatment in Hicksville 11801

Pollogen’s OxyGeneo super facial treatment is clinically proven as safe and effective. The oxygenation effect from within the skin, resulting from the science of carbon dioxide therapy, is superior to the oxygenation effect in other traditional facial treatments(skin Treatment in Hicksville 11801)


Pollogen Ltd., a global leader in the development of medical devices for the aesthetics market, announced the publication of a new peer-reviewed article proving the effectiveness of OxyGeneo CO2 facial treatments. The clinical results showed that oxygenation immediately after an OxyGeneo CO2 facial is more effective than exfoliation alone and that OxyGeneo CO2 facials improve skin oxygenation immediately following treatment. The study “Effect of Carbon Dioxide Facial Therapy on Skin Oxygenation” was recently published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, authored by Ronald Moy, M.D. Moy-Fincher-Chipps Dermatology (Beverly Hills, CA), Rachel Seidel BA, Georgetown University School of Medicine (Washington, DC). The study was performed using the OxyGeneo super facial treatment which is part of the geneO+ platform (Pollogen Ltd., Tel Aviv Israel).(skin Treatment in Hicksville 11801)


“Our study demonstrates oxygenation immediately after the CO2 facial is more significant than exfoliation alone…Our data provide evidence for the ability of the CO2 facial to oxygenate tissue immediately after treatment.”


This was a split-face study. Twelve patients have treated one week apart with an OxyGeneo CO2 facial on one side of the face and particle-free microdermabrasion on the other. Results showed that the effectiveness of CO2 facial treatments to oxygenate the skin using OxyGeneo were statistically significantly greater than after microdermabrasion (p = .0252). (skin Treatment in Hicksville 11801)


OxyGeneo super facial is an innovative skin renewal treatment that delivers three essential facial treatments simultaneously as it exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, prepares it for the infusion of revitalizing nutrients and stimulates its oxygenation. OxyGeneo generates the Bohr Effect, an exchange of O2 with CO2 at the level of dermal capillaries, which triggers the body’s response to send oxygen to the treated area. OxyGeneo super facial treatments result in unparalleled skin nourishment & oxygenation, for a smoother complexion and younger looking skin. They improve skin tone and allow for the optimal absorption of revitalizing nutrients. Results are visible after only one treatment and safe for any skin type.(skin Treatment in Hicksville 11801)


Mr. Moshe Shneor – CEO Pollogen Ltd. “We are thrilled about this new clinical study validating the clinical value of OxyGeneo technology as it offers a gentle yet powerful treatment for skin rejuvenation. OxyGeneo super facials are changing the concept and effectiveness of traditional facial treatments. By creating a single system with three powerful technologies, Pollogen is providing the tools needed for aestheticians to get the best results for their clients.”(skin Treatment in Hicksville 11801)


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(skin Treatment in Hicksville 11801)

Article Source: http://bit.ly/2nLAGj6

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